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How you can donate and help OUR Church

share God's love

We believe that stewardship is important. We also believe that in a family, every person offers their share of responsibility in caring for the ministry to which we are connected.  We believe in tithing and in giving offerings...not by law, but by recognizing how God has clearly demonstrated His heart throughout Old and New Testament scripture concerning this. 


Your giving provides for the continuation of ministry both in the church and in the community. It also sends ministry abroad. That helps other people. Your giving also brings a blessing back to you because scripture is clear that "as we sow, we reap."  There are many people who live "miracle to miracle". We believe that God put His principles in place so that we would not have to do that. Instead, we would have not only enough to live but enough to make a difference in the lives of BE the miracle.


We believe that giving is an issue of heart because, "where your treasure is, there your heart is also." As such, our giving is as much a part of our worship life as praying, singing, reading God's word, or learning about Him and His desire for us.

ways you can donate:



You can bring your tithe and offering during our worship opportunities.



Often, people want to help by donating physical items: furniture, household items, etc. We have a team that receives these items and uses them to fund missions efforts in the Dominican Republic.


You can give online through this link.


There is also a kiosk available in our lobby that you can use to give online.



You can text the word GIVE to 912.662.0906 and follow the prompts in order to give a one time or even a recurring donation.



Pastor Tim sponsors a vehicle donation program through a separate ministry.

Vehicles donated are assessed, then sold or distributed where they will suit a specific need.

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