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About us

Connection Church is a gathering of people that form a unique family. We come from diverse backgrounds, different places, and cultures, different denominations as well as many who had never been in church. Our vision is very simple and pretty self-explanatory: We connect to God - connect to each other - connect to the community. Our mission is equally simple: LIVE RIGHT - LOVE LOUD - EXPERIENCE GOD. We live Christ-centered lives and build relationships with people that allow them to experience the love of God.


We believe in authenticity - that the authentic you is NOT the one shaped by history and circumstance, but the you on the inside...the one that God designed intentionally and wonderfully. We all have broken lives but we understand that God's heart is to repair the broken parts to help us be the authentic person that He created.


We believe in being real - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The person you experience on Sunday is the same real person you meet every other day of the week. we are light-hearted, fun, real, and very serious about God's love. We also practice sincere acceptance - accepting people where they are, just as God does, unconditionally. We know that our mission is to love and if we do that, God will work to heal the heart.


our Leaders:
Tim Byler, DDiv

Lead Pastor

Cindy Byler, PhD

Lead Pastor


Libby Hodge, DPC​

Administrative Assistant

Refined Refined_-7-X4.jpg
Glenn & Charm Reed
Heather Hodge
Gracie Byler & Benjamin Austin-Byler

Missions Directors

Creative Director/Children's Ministry Director

Worship Leaders

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